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Oryza Sativa

-An Anatomy Atlas- Please visit any part of the rice plant that you would like to know more about by selecting an entry from the Table of Contents
I. Introduction

1. The Origin of

II. Rice Anatomy

1. Flowers&Fruit
-----Floral Anatomy
-----Fruit Anatomy

2. Roots
-----Vascular Tissue System
-----Ground Tissue System
-----Dermal Tissue System
-----Lateral Roots

3. Stems
-----Internal Anatomy
-----External Anatomy
-----Shoot Apical Meristem

4. Leaves
-----External Morphology
-----Internal Anatomy

I. Other

1. Participants
2. Rice Links
3. References

This page is part of the Anatomy of Crop Plants Project and was researched by undergraduate students enrolled in PLB 105 Developmental Plant Anatomy.

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