1. Dormant Bud - bud formed in the previous growing season. Composed of one primary and two secondary growing points (inner buds) and covered by bud scales.
2. Spur - Previous season's lignified shoot that has been pruned to contain one to two dormant buds.
3. Cordon - The main branch retained from season to season in many types of pruning.
4. Scion - Variety of Vitis spp. (Vitis vinifera in this website) grafted onto a rootstock. A scion may be budded on to a rootstock as well.
5. Rootstock - Variety of Vitis spp. to which a scion is grafted or budded. Rootstocks are chosen according to vineyard soil type, pest resistance, and amount of vigor desired in the grapevine.
6. Trunk - Main supporting part of the vine. Provides a continuum between the roots and the shoots.
7. Shoot or Cane - Current season's growth originating from a dormant bud. Upon the initiation of secondary growth and formation of the periderm, the shoot transitions to a cane. Cane - more than one half of the shoot has formed a periderm. This is indicated by a brown color.
8. Graft Union - Site of connection between rootstock and scion.