Authors and Acknowledgements


Nola Kinaston
Primary Author

The majority of images and text were produced and compiled for this website by Nola Kinaston, an undergraduate student in Plant Biology at UC Davis.


Lesley Hamamoto

All Illustrator graphics were created by Lesley Hamamoto, a post-graduate reseacher in the Rost lab, and alumna of UC Davis.


Dr. Thomas L. Rost

Tom Rost is the PI for this part of the Pierce's Disease project. This new grape virtual crops web site joins the tomato, rice and cotton sites previously created as class projects. The Rost laboratory specializes in developmental plant anatomy.


The authors would like to thank the following people for their contributions to the Virtual Crops© Grape (Vitis vinifera) project:

Dr. Joshua Stevenson for his aid in slide preparation and contribution of images

Dr. Eleanor Thorne for her contribution of images

Sue Nichol for her contribution of images

Dr. Mark Matthews, Dr. John Labavitch and Dr. Carl Greve who are part of the Pierce's Disease Research Group at UC Davis

Walsh Vineyards Management, Robert Mondavi Vineyards, and Caldwell Vineyards for permission to take photos and collect plant material from the vineyards they manage and own