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           1. Prior to Anthesis                                            2. The maximum opening (25-30degree)
= Before the opening of the spikelet                                                                  
Tip of the lemma and palea begin to open.         The anther filaments elongate
                                                                                                and anthers exserted completely.                                                                                                          How does it look in real life? Picture!
      3. The Closing of the Spikelet                                    4. The Finish of Flowering                        
         Anthers come out, scattering pollen.                            The Anthers are left outside and die.
                    Soon the anther filaments wither and                          The closed spikelet will never open again. anthers droop.                                                                  The spikelet protects the ovary,
 At the same time, the spikelet start closing.               which has started the next step
                         The closing is completed within 20-30 minutes.       of reproduction -- fertilization.